The Next Big Thing In Power


Everyone wants to do good and help the environment. Everyone, for the most part, tries to lessen their impact on our earth to allow generations to come to enjoy its beauty. Sometimes this is hard to do. One area in which it is hard to accomplish this is power. The sources of power which are available to us can sometimes not be the cleanest, while the more environmentally conscious options are either hard to come by or are not very gentle on your wallet. So how are things evolving? Are they evolving? Will there ever be an answer to the power debate? What is the next big thing when it comes to power?


When you have a home, you need energy resources to power it. Like most families in Ohio, you probably go and shop around for the best option for your family. It is very important while doing so, that you are comparing apples to apples. You need to make sure you are shopping around and looking at reputable and trustworthy companies to power your family’s residence. Are there advancements in home power you should know about?


Of course, the majority of homes run on electricity or natural gas. Both can be rather expensive. Alternative methods that you may come across are solar power, wind power, and even ocean wave power. There are even particular elements and natural resources that give off power that is being researched to hopefully become the next big thing. 


As mentioned earlier in the article, these new resources can be pricey so it comes with a cost to the consumer to do good for their planet. Solar power has become more popular and accessible to consumers. Often times you are able to get a solar panel on your house with an agreement to give the electric company some of the power you create from your home. They are making it more cost conscience and therefore accessible/realistic.


This brings along the idea of blockchains. This next big thing in the energy sector allows consumers to tap into the grid or energy source with energy they produce. This allows the energy sector to be decentralized, which is a major issue in the power sector. However, the idea of blockchains is starting to be utilized by large resource companies. An energy trading platform allows them to interact with one another and use each other’s strengths. Blockchains are also allowing startups to have a chance to have a hand in the game. The huge energy sector is allowing the small guys to play. Other uses for blockchains could be electric vehicle charging/sharing, renewable energy certificate trading, carbon credit tracking, trading and retiring, grid management, energy storage, and wholesale energy trading. 


The possibilities are endless and are just getting started with this new idea. The next big thing in power is still to come. Be sure you do all your research before choosing your electric provider and look into the future a little.