Recycling Water Bottles

The 9 Benefits of Recycling Water Bottles and Managing Waste Better

Despite the recent ban on the usage of plastic in many countries, there are still a few countries which prefer the benefits of usage of plastic over its many disadvantages. Plastic is made up of various components which upon contact with fire can release toxic chemicals in the air and if these toxic fumes are inhaled for a certain amount of years unknowingly, they can affect the respiratory functions of a human severely.

As the disadvantages of plastic outgrow from its advantages, thus we must ensure to refrain from using it. Although easy to say and hard to implement in reality, the complete stop in the usage of plastic can help in both environmental way as well as monetary way. Plastic bottles among all the plastic products are the highest number of toxic products that are severely harming the environment and the only way to stop them from harming the environment is to recycle them.  Thus to help you understand more on this here are 9 benefits of recycling Water Bottles and Managing Waste Better.


1) Lesser landfills

In today’s world landfills have become a common site and these landfills usually consist of plastics such as water bottles. These landfills tend to bring diseases and also make the place around it look back. Thus recycling plastic bottles could not only make your neighbourhood or city look clean but will also help keep diseases away from you.

2) Lesser Greenhouse gas emission

It is a common fact that plastic is a harmful substance, in fact, even the expiry date which is printed on the water bottles is not for the water inside but in actuality is for the bottle which after some time contaminates the water and makes it go bad due to its chemical composition. The gasses released due to the burning of plastic is known to cause a lot of health issues such as asthma and many other forms of respiratory diseases which are incredibly harmful to the human health on a massive scale. Hence recycling of plastic can help us be healthy and away from these greenhouse gases which could even be fatal if inhaled regularly.

3) Easier and better process

In reality, how long does it actually take to set up or keep two bins outside the house? This one small act can not only make you look wiser in your society, but it will also promote others to do the same, thus causing a chain reaction which can be extremely beneficial for everyone.

4) Leads to lesser pollution

Usually, when plastic is not disposed of in a correct method, they get dumped along with the other waste supplies which are generally bound to the infirmary. The plastic bottles then upon contact with fire release harmful fumes into the air which is not only dangerous for the people working there, as the amount of plastic which is burned at one go is enough to cause various health problems for the whole city.

5) Energy efficient

It is a fact that recycling of old plastic bottles cost two-thirds lesser than the manufacturing of new bottles. This drastically brings down the amount of energy supply which is used to make new bottles and also the quantity of fossil fuels which gets burnt during this process.

6) Utilises lesser resources

According to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) “Every ton of plastic which gets recycled saves nearly 3.8 barrels of crude oil”. This is just one ratio on a very micro level, now try imagining the same process on a larger scale. The use of renewable energy not only helps us save money but also helps us utilise exhaustible resources with extreme precaution.

7) Helps save and make money –

There are many recycling units which offer people money in exchange for recyclable bottles. The money won’t be a lot, but it’ll be enough for you to go into any grocery store and by your favourite eatables. So if next time if you run out of money simply try collecting all the waste plastic bottles you can find and take them to your nearest recycling plant.

8) Helps curb lavish use of resources

This undoubtedly is an essential factor as the amount of raw material which goes into production of those goods can be brought down drastically in such a manner that companies will undoubtedly save a lot of money, but this will also help slow the production of new products as the old products will constantly be recycled and reused again.

9) Creates more job

The recycling industry is undoubtedly one of the most booming industry and this is helping to create many jobs which is assisting people in stabilising and running their life without any trouble. So imagine this the next time you are throwing a bottle in the recycling bin, as that one small gesture of yours is helping to employ a person and help them make a living.