Renewable Energy

10 Reasons Renewable Energy Can Save the Planet

The earth is the only planet in our solar system which can support life on it, but as per the current percentage of pollution which is gradually increasing, the earth might not be able to support life for very long. The extensive use of fossil fuel is just depleting the earth of its natural and non-renewable resource making it more volatile to sudden climate change and global warming.

As per how things are going on right there is a high chance that we might lose all the essential resources like clean water and air in just a few centuries, hence it’s high time we change the way we generate electricity and use the earth’s renewable energies, which are present in abundance for the betterment of all. If you still are not convinced, here are 10 reasons why the use of renewable energy can save the planet.

1) It’s 100% Renewable

It is a common knowledge that renewable energy resources such as solar, wind and hydro are some of the energy resources which are not going to get exhausted any time soon, so using them for the generation of power to perform various tasks is an extremely good and highly recommended method. One of the fundamental reasons why renewable energy is so efficient is because it does not create any residue like fossil fuels, as renewable energy can be 100% used for the generation of power.

2) One time investment

Unlike fossil fuel, which involves various financial aspects every time it’s being put into place, renewable energy is a one-time investment process. Although the cost of installing a renewable resource might be higher than fossil fuel when compared in this age, the investment made on renewable energy will undoubtedly be fruitful.

3) Save non-renewable resources for the future

It is a fact that the earth is constantly being dug deeper and deeper to find fossil fuel and due to this process, not only the soil on earth is being disturbed, but also the last remaining fossil fuels which should be preserved in reality are being vaporised for personal needs. Many reports have shown that across the world, due to the growing use of renewable energy, many fossil industries have stopped mining into the earth’s inner surface and are instead now turning fossil mines barren as nobody is ready to buy them at any price.

4) Complete control

One of the main disadvantages of using fossil fuel is that it is one such resource which is extremely hard to control, as renewable energy can be used effectively only when needed and does not require heavy machinery to help them produce electricity, thus it gives complete control to its owner.

5) Trusted and advised by banks

In today’s world, any form of investment can help any person to increase their additional income. Due to nature and exponential growth of renewable energy products in recent years, many banks are now asking their customers to invest in this form of energy as the chances of making a profit over the space of many upcoming years is exceptionally high. This will not only help you increase your money but will also teach you about the significance of renewable energy in our lives and help you understand why you must switch to using them for a better tomorrow.

6) Faster and easier setup

When we generally speak about a large scale industry, the fossil fuel industry undoubtedly comes among the major leaders which are on top. This is one such factor which is not to be proud of as the amount of financial and other of resources to set a business like this to generate electricity is extremely high. Renewable energy sources can easily be set up on or even near a house without disrupting its peace. As it is easier to set up; thus it does not take much time, hence not troubling the environment surrounding that area.

7) Help spread energy without harming the environment

In today’s world, it is a fact that almost 22% of the entire world electricity is produced with the help of renewable energy and if this wave of concern among people simply keeps on growing, then it can beneficial to every single human on this planet. Renewable energy not only helps far off places get electricity due to them but as it does not require long cable lines running from state to state thus, it does not disrupt the natural balance and essence of the environment.

8) Cost effective on a large scale basis for countries

For countries which are facing a massive shortage of electricity and are paying more to import fossil fuel from other countries, setting up methods of using renewable energy can be extremely beneficial for them. This not only will help them grow internally but will also help it protect its natural beauty which can be enjoyed by tourists from all over the world.

9)  No more war of resources – In the current generation few countries are waging wars in the name of resources. While some countries have come to a conclusion and an agreement with other countries for resources, not all like the non-violent methods of negotiation. The use of a renewable form of resource will not just help prevent wars but will also save human life and protect the environment in a massive way.

10) Prevent destruction of forests – The production of electricity using fossil fuels requires a massive establishment and this is usually done in far off places from the main city to avoid any harm to human life. But by doing so we are harming the natural resources and the healthy environment on a massively. But this is not the case with the setup of renewable energy production machines as they do not require cutting down of trees and wiping down of forests, and can merely be set up anywhere where there is little space.